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"It's a small world after all"

I mentioned before how I am totally hooked on watching Breaking Bad  which actually is  a whole other story.  Anyhow I was watching it Tues afternoon & during a dialog between two of the characters one of them said "Actually I was stationed in Upwood"

I was like you're kidding & hit rewind to make sure I heard it right!  For anyone who doesn't know....which include 99.9 percent of the population......Upwood is a ittle-bitty village in England that if you blink while driving thru it you would miss it.   However it is where I grew up.  RAF Upwood is just outside the village which is where they were referring to! 

Small world!

That evening while I was watching Downton Abbey Edith, while making her excuse for being late for dinner, said  "The train was held up in Peterborough " 

Peterborough is where my mother was born & grew up.  Also where I was born & where our grandfather livedso we spent a lot of time there.

Small world.



  1. its time for a visit...did you used to go to the Peterborough show? We did.
    I've never heard of Upwood, or Downwood but my cousin Stephen loves minutes from where they are filming Downtown Abbey. Highclere Castle.


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