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Just shoot me ....why don't you!

One of the things I have become very good at is never completely finishing anything I do.  I guess I must look at it as "insurance" as in that I am "needed" to finish whatever it may be!

Anyhoo I had not completely finished decorating the christmas excuse was I couldn't decide whether or not to put on garland or maybe drape ribbons on it so consequently I left it until I could decide(that's my excuse & I'm sticking to it).

Yesterday I had a revelation as to how I wanted to do it & off I went to Michaels.  I am very "anal" about always locking my car & also about putting the keys in my right pocket of whatever I'm wearing.  I wandered around the store for about an hour & collected up all the components I needed to finish the tree & also could not resist going thru the yarn dept only to find there's a sale so I'm totally "psyched" because I got the perfect yarn for some projects I had in mind.  I check out & am carrying my 3 bags of "loot" which I proceed to throw into the passenger seat. I was totally "not in the moment" because I thinking about "stuff" I'm going to make. 

I go to put the keys in the ignition only to discover I have NO KEYS!!!   Part of being anal is when I'm leaving a store I fish out the keys & hook them over my finger so I can hit the button to unlock the car without having to put down whatever I'm carrying!  Now I am sitting in my car & don't even remember unlocking the freekin car cus I was so busy gloating over my bags of loot!!  I tore my purse apart,  I checked every place in the car, on the floor, under the seats....NO KEYS!  I then get out of the car & crawl around on the wet ground looking under the car, walk all the way back to the store....NO KEYS!

Now I'm getting frantic as I don't even know where my spare key to the car is,  so I go back to the car & tear everything apart again including the bags of "loot".  I had bought glittery ribbon &  dried german statice which is now all over the front seat of my looked like a bomb of glitter & fluff went off.  After searching the bags 3 times I found the keys tangled up in the yarn!

Now 20 mins  & a complete meltdown later I drive home!

I you need me I'll be laying on the couch sucking my thumb!



  1. Oh good grief. I hate losing my keys it's really unnerving.


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