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One for the record books

LiLi had her first soccer game of the season yesterday
Here she is putting on her shirt
Dani is trying to make the smallest shirt they have fit a peewee.

This was during the warm-ups

Now we get to the real matches

This is during a time out & she is showing off the gap from her missing tooth.

Team pow-wow

 This is a collage of the longest goal in the history of the sport....& I am referring to the length of time not the distance.  The other coach called illegal use of hands on one of his own players & gave the ball to LiLi.  She only needed to go maybe 5 yards to get to the goal but I swear it took her a good 3-4 mins.  The funny part of the whole thing was everyone just stopped & watched as she oh so carefully maneuvered the ball into position so she could kick it into the goal.  Too funny!


  1. She is so sweet. WHy are all the shirts so enormous? It's a kids team and they have adult size shirts.


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