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Good Golly Miss Molly or Groundhog Day

This is the week that  we had Molly entered into a couple trials.  The first was our club member Rally & Obedience matches.  Rally was Weds night & Popster was doing it with Molly.  We got there at 6:00 as I was helping with check-in.  The matches started at 6:30 & Popster was in the novice which was last.  Dani has also entered Bernie so both her & Popster decided not to bring them in until they had to.  When Popster finally got in the ring with Molly she paid no attention to him because she was too busy strutting her stuff & looking to see if Bernie was watching.  They managed to get around the course without losing too many points so got a good enough score to qualify.  Definitely not her best effort & the ride home was very quiet!

Now Thurs night was my turn to do obedience.  I made a last minute executive decision to put Molly in beginner Novice instead of Novice which I had originally entered in.  There's no off-leash in beginner & if remember my tale of woe from run-throughs that was where I had a problem.  Of course, now I created a new problem as #1 I had never done beginner novice so wasn't sure how Molly would do in a different routine &, #2 it was the last again so we didn't to do our thing until after 9:00pm.....Molly is normally in dreamland at that time.

I was the second from last dog in the line up & as the last dog was working & could see Molly's patience was wearing thin & had a feeling I was in trouble.  Not that my expectations were very high but.......

It was finally our turn.

We started off with the heeling routine, not good.....but not super bad.  Next was figure eights & she decided to try to sniff all over the two people that were acting as "posts".  Didn't sit when we stopped the second time but.......I was hoping not too many points lost.
Next was sit & stay  while I had to walk the perimeter of the room & then back to her side, by now I was barely breathing but we made it!   Next up was sit for exam....remember this what she flunked the last time but this time she did great.  Now I was breathing a little easier as there was only one thing left.....a recall.  I put Molly in a sit/wait & as I did her ears went back & she got that "wild" look in her know like the brain waves are shorting out.  I had a sinking feeling I was in trouble but walked across the room anyway, when I called her to front the two front paws went into her classic pose & she was off.....going "yahoo" around the room. 

So close but now we are looking at a big, fat, juicy DQ! 

 I managed to catch her & don't ask why but I asked the judge if  I could try again.....stupid brain waves must have shorted out as well.  Put her back in the sit/wait, walked across the room, called her & she did it again.  I caught her again & slunk out of the ring with my tail between my legs!  Miss Molly, on the other hand, strutted out quite proud of herself.

As I sat there watching everyone receive their placement & qualifying ribbons I compared it to being in grade know......when you are the last kid picked for the team?  I could picture Molly thinking "What's wrong with these people?  I just executed two of the most perfect zoomies & I'm not getting a ribbon!  What's up with that?"

Needless to say the silence in the car on the ride home was deafening!


  1. I'm sorry. It sounds like such hard work too. The wayyou write it makes so darned funny that I was snorting from laughing so hard.


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