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Back in the saddle?

I am finally driving my own car again......I think I'm still on the same tank of gas since Dec???

I went back to work yesterday to answer the phone & put "stuff" out in the pro shop......the golf course opened today so my winter hiatus is over!

I forgot how much I love driving my fits me just perfect.  It is so comfortable & fun to be driving a stick shift again.

A friend of ours(who worked for a car dealership) used to to say "There's an ar*e for every seat"

I guess my "butt" is meant to sit in my car's seat!

I'll end by saying "Does this car make my butt look fat?"



  1. I was so sad when I found out that my newest car wasn't available in a stick over here. Next time around I will have to go with a VW they come in stick.
    Happy motoring.


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