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20 seconds of fame

We were back at High Goal Farm at 10:15am yesterday for the second day of the trials which was the only day we had entered.

First of all I need to give a little background info for the "uneducated, non dog trial people" which apparently includes Popster & I. 

AKC dog people can be total snobs!  Molly is considered to be a mutt but she can be registered with them as an "all american" in order to enter these events.  The lady owns this facility has aussies (australian shepherds)  & ranks right up there with snobbiest of the snobs.  When we were there on Sat we brought Molly in to give her a chance to used to the building & the noise level.  She singled us out (in retrospect I guess Molly's bright yellow bandana gave her away...dang I should have taken it off!) & asked us what we were doing there because "pet owners" weren't allowed in the building! 

Thank you for your kind warm welcome

Yesterday she made another snide remark because we were standing too close to the entrance. 

Yup gave us that nice fuzzy feeling of welcome!

However right after that another lady came over & asked if we needed any help because we looked "new" & she liked to welcome new people..  Turned out she owned poodles & poodle mixes & just loved Molly.

By now they were finally setting the ring for novice & Molly had to be officially measured by the judge as she had never competed before.  She was doing 24inches anyway which is the maximum jump height.  Popster got , along which everyone else entered, to walk the course first before it started.  Molly was going to be the first dog so he wasn't going to be able watch anyone ahead of time.

Of course you all know what happened.....she managed one jump & then did her zoomie!  He called her to him & took her back to the start forgetting that you are not allowed to touch your dog so DQ! 

She did have her own little rooting section - some members of our club & the "doodle" lovers, so came out of the ring with a little applause for trying.

It was going to be several hours before Molly would be up for her second run so we decided not to stay.

Will we do this again?  Absolutely! 

We will show that snobby lady that "mutts" can do agility with the best of them!!


  1. I guess the female dogs weren't the only bit**es there yesterday. What a rotten bunch of snot faced women.

    Molly rocks and when she walks away with a big old trophy I hope she gets so excited and wees on the ladies foot!


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