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Help! They are ganging up!

There is a conspiracy going on in my house with anything electronic & they are all ganging up on me..  It started with our spare refrigerator that we have in the garage(which is a whole other story for another "popster" post) & this past week has spread like wildfire.  

One of the most "tragic" episodes was when my sewing machine became possessed & started sewing at will instead of stopping & starting when I wanted it to.  I had to take in in for repair & was told it could be two weeks before I get it back.

I cried all the way home!

We were stuck in last night because of Nemo(whole other story of "scare tactics" from the weatherman.....they probably were in co-hoots  with all the appliances in my house) so I decided to watch something from prime time on demand.  Just as the show was ending the remote control DEMANDED that I put new batteries in it!

Who ever heard of such a thing!

It refused to do anything until I complied!

After obeying it's orders I tried to pull up the next episode of what I was watching & it wouldn't allow it!  I could only assume it was because I hadn't exited from the on I watching when the remote rebelled..  Trying everything I could think of, including standing on my head, did not work so I pulled all the plugs.

I taught cable tv a lesson!

Then there's the phone....we recently switched to our cell phone company's home service for our home phone.  It was working fine until this past week when it decided to randomly screen our calls for us.  Apparently it decides for itself to send some call directly to voice mail.  There's no rhyme nor reason to which calls it chooses to do this to so I just have assume it's part of the same conspiracy!

BTW in case you are wondering why this post is spaced's because blogger is part of the aforementioned  "gang"


  1. Good thing that Molly doesn't have one of those ghastly electric collars to keep her in the garden! I can only imagine what might be happening.

    Good luck with all this bad ju juj.


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