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What do you mean I'm not that tall?

Popster came home from work yesterday sick(those little germ-mongers) & like normal when he's sick, "took to his deathbed".  That was okay I had lots to do, mainly mowing the lawn & getting rid of millions of leaves.  It has been rainy all week so it was real "mucky" job & I had to wear my wellies to keep my feet dry..

I finally got done at lunch time & Molly had been so patient just sitting around watching me.  She always goes somewhere with Popster every day to run around & I could tell she really needed to run off some excess energy.  I put  her in the car & took her to Jenkins & attempted to throw a frisbee for her.  It was a pretty lame effort but she got to run around in spite of me.

On the way home I decided to stop & get pumpkins & corn stalks which was my plan before Popster got sick.  I picked out some pumpkins & paid for them & the corn stalks but didn't realize how big & heavy the bundle was.  I got it over to the car & then attempt to wrestle it onto the roof.

 In my little fantasy world I am at least 5 feet 6 inches tall & ,as Grandma used to say, "strong like bull"!  For a while the corn stalks were winning but I got them up there & used some bungee cords to fasten them to the roof rack.  After I was done I realized I had them the wrong way round.....I do know enough about aerodynamics to know the stalks should have been facing  in the direction I was driving........either that or I would have to go in reverse all the way home!  I was like "what the heck" I.m only going a mile down the road!  All this time Molly is sitting in the back seat with her ears back because of the '"monster" whose tendrils are trying to get in the window!

I very carefully pulled out on rte 50 without gunning it.

Guess what?

I didn't get 100 feet when  I heard pop & there go the corn stalks!

Now I have to pull over & attempt to get them turned around & bungycorded  back in place again.

At this point I would like to thank all those "kind"(NOT) people that drove by me on rte 50 without stopping to give me a hand.  Of course the fact that I was in my wellies & grubby clothes & cursing like a crazy lady couldn't have anything to do with it.

I  did manage to do a better job the second time & then drove home at about 20mph angering just a few others on my way.

                               " I'm not getting out of this car until you get rid of what's on the roof"


  1. OMG, why can't people stop and help. It wasn't the wellies they are just RUDE.
    That photo of Molly not getting out of the car just made me laugh out loud.


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