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Molly at her best.....being crazy that is!

A few weeks ago I mentioned we had applied for a CPE number for Miss Molly so we could start entering her into some official agility trials. We signed her up for one that was held this past weekend fact about 10 mins from where we live. We jumped in with both feet & entered her in all 5 events for level one. Of course at the time Molly was taking classes every week & doing very well....indoors.  Then she had 3 weeks off & had just one class outdoors prior to last weekend.  Popster took her to the run-throughs on Fri night at which she decided part way into it that she would just run around & do the obstacles in her own order & it took him a few minutes to catch her.....needless to say he was not happy with her but just figured it was all new & she would be better Sun.
We had to be there at the un-godly hour of 6:45am to have her measured....we planned on her jumping at 24 in. but she needed a official measurement for her card.

Here she is meeting one of the judges for her measurement.
Judges briefing
Molly was like "when does the real action start?"
They were starting the dogs from small to big so we had a long wait....I took her for a walk around.
Finally it was her turn

 She started off okay
....then came the "yahoo" moment
That is the judge turning her back on her while Molly decides what to do next!  Popster finally caught her & ended her "fun"!  she proceeded to do the same thing for each time she got her turn no matter what Popster tried.  Our last event was at the end of the day & it was 4:30 by the time Molly got her turn.  I had suggested that he do it on leash which wouldn't count towards anything but he wanted to give it one more try.  He barely got the leash off her head when she took off running & after doing one lap flew into the exit chute & pushed the gate open & ran wild around the whole complex making all the dogs bark!

What a day!

There was an official photographer & here are a couple shots of Molly

The last two are typical "Mollywompus" shots.....(that is an expression I got from Dawn)

It was a good experience as we now know what to expect during one of these trials & Molly obviously needs a lot more work.....we now have her signed up for 2 classes a week & maybe we'll try it again in the fall.
She went to Dr Ruth's Betty's class with me on Weds & was a perfect angel....even off leash.

Jessica came over to watch & ended up getting roped into helping. Here she is waiting for the judge to hand her score sheets to take to the main tent. LiLi is also helping.


  1. Oh my goodness you do know that I absolutely can't stop laughing, don't you?

    I wonder why she gets so ditzy. The professional photos are classic, it is as if she completely changes personalities, even her fur gets a little doggywompus. Everything goes haywire. Oh this would be brilliant on video.

    You've got to stop giving her coffee, it's just not fair on Popster!


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