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Does your Momma know that?

I really love my job....most of the time.....but there are days when dealing with the public becomes a real chore!

Today was an extremely busy day at the course, the weather was beautiful, perfect golf weather, the phone was busy...father's day on Sunday. Right around 12:30, just before my shift ended I had to deal with a group of college kids that had obviously been out "partying" all night. The "snot-nosed" leader was about as rude & belligerent as he could be & I was biting my tongue so hard I had tears in my eyes. I wanted so badly to ask him what his mother would say if she knew he treated people that way. She would have took him by the ear & he would have ended up in his room for a week!!!

I was so angry I went home without playing golf like I had planned.

 Then I was angry at myself for letting him "get to me"!

By the way guys next time you decide you must play as a fivesome,  do us all a favor....

 ....go bowling!


  1. You should have said something to the little b*stards.

  2. Just read your comment on my work week. My week has been whacky but I don't have to put up with rude people ever! Really you shouldn't either. No one ever has the right to be rude to someone.

    1. I know....I wanted so badly to reach across the counter & slap him up the side of his head but unfortunately when you are working in a "customer service" business the customer is always right!! Damn-it!


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