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It's been three years....

 .....since I looked at this face that was in a cage at the local animal shelter.  I was "smitten" at the first look, the way she put her head on one side like she was hearing every word I said,  the way she sat at my feet & leaned into to me.  I knew she was special. 

There is a saying in my sidebar.....Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole.

This dog makes our lives whole!

 I was trying to get a shot to compare with that first day.
 She was having no part of it....wouldn't even look at me!
 "I'm outa here"
 Still not looking
This is as close as I got!


  1. 3 years ago Molly was sporting her Ghetto look now she's sporting her more refined doo.

    She looks so different.

    1. I daughter named her "Miss Thing" back then!


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