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Without wheels!

I am not a homeless person but I am a wheelless person. My car went in for a simple oil change on Friday & I was told that the rear frame had rusted beyond rust! He did not say be careful driving it until it got fixed, he said DO NOT DRIVE IT! He checked out the rest of my car & everything else is perfect for a car as old as mine so we are getting it fixed.

Meanwhile I have no wheels & it makes me very sad!

Warning to everyone.....don't ever let anything you own in on the fact that you are spending mucho bucks on something else as they get insanely jealous & demand attention!

It was a very entertaining weekend as we went out Sat to get Popster a new phone.

They  kept his old one for the Smithsonian!

We kept it very simple as he hates anything technical.

After we got back in the car we paired the blue tooth with his on-star mirror. That's when the entertainment was better than any comedy show you have ever seen. Apparently "Matilda" didn't seem to recognize anything he said & would repeat back numbers if he said a name. I am so bad but I could not stop laughing which made it worse. Wanda is looking better & better to him right now! The "frosting on the cake" was when we went out yesterday I suggested that I try & he was like sure how's she gonna understand your accent! I pressed the button & said (in my best accent) "Call Josh's cell phone", she repeated it back & the phone began to ring.  After that call I said "Is there anyone else you would like to call?".  Not a worked again.

Now Matilda & I are both on his sh*t list!


  1. Hear we go again for us english what is a smithsonian ? And your not the only one with a poorly car susans just back from repairs to the engine (only 3 years old)


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