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My new toy

As I mentioned in an earlier post our tenant left & took the washing machine that was part of the contract on our house so Popster took my washing machine & told me I could go out & buy whatever I wanted. I could have really taken that literally but he knows me too well. The last thing I wanted to do was go shopping for a dumb washing machine. I had better things to do like sew, pick out tile, light fixtures, ceiling fan, furniture.......not buy a washing machine. 
I did some research on line over the weekend & originally was set on buying an HE top loader (no agitator)but after reading the pros & cons decided maybe an HE front loader was a better idea. Armed with my new found knowledge I headed out Mon morning to buy it. I left home at 9:30 am & had  bought it & was back in my car on the way to the market at 10:13am.  I was not wasting any time!  I also did a total about face & bought a top loader. It was bigger, had all the same features & I didn't have to spend &250 on a stupid pedestal so I wouldn't have to bend down to put my clothes in the washer!!!
It was delivered yesterday & after looking at it I decided with all the options it has why isn't there one that sorts the laundry for you?   If it can sense if there's a stain on something why can't it sense when you mix darks in with your "tighty whiteys"???? 

I hope Popster isn't waiting for any clean socks as I need a couple more days to study up for my first load!


  1. that's a posh one. Put Popster in first if he comes out squeaky clean with no wrinkles I'll go next!


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