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The end of an era

Yesterday was the closing on the house we owned in Sch'dy.  You could say it was bitter sweet as the house belonged to Popster's parents.  They moved there when he was 14 so his father could start his own business.  There was a 3 stall garage behind the house, on a side street, which proved to be a good location for his machine shop.

This is the house where we spent our honeymoon!  Yup, you heard that right I spent my honeymoon with my new in-laws who I was meeting for the very first time!  On the other hand Popster was spending his honeymoon with his Mom & Dad!  The reason, in case anyone is interested, we were married in England where we were living at the time.

Fast forward a few years....when Popster's Mom died in 1986 his father wanted to retire & we took a giant leap, with Popster leaving a safe, secure job with GE, & became owners of a machine shop.  It was definitely a learning curve for us but we survived for 20+ years.  
Fast forward again to 1999 when his father died the house was left to Popster & his brother & sister.  They opted out of being landlords after a couple of years so it became our headache house.   We had a pretty good tenant to begin with, someone we knew so it wasn't so bad being a landlord. 

About 4 years ago Popster decided he just wanted to drive school bus for 4 hours a day so he put the business on the market.  He was able to sell it but Mike, the guy that bought it, knew nothing about specialty grinding so he agreed to stay on & train him.  In the meantime our tenant moved out of the house & we rented it again but she was a real loser piece of work.  She had more sob stories & my softy husband fell for everyone of them!  A year ago he decided enough was enough & put the house on the market.  
There wasn't hardly any action at all to begin with & then all in the same month Mike decided he couldn't handle 2 jobs & sold the business to his buddy Joe  we got an offer on the house.  Joe knew even less about grinding so he asked Popster to stay on & help him.  The offer on the house meant that both our tenant & Joe would have to move out.  Popster felt very guilty about having the evict them but when the low-life tenant took the washing machine that didn't belong to her & did not pay her last month's rent he changed his mind about her!

Joe has moved the shop to Albany which is a hike for Popster to have to drive so I don't know how much longer he will stay with him.  
I believe things happen for a reason so maybe it's time for a change!  Let's see what life has to offer next!


  1. Don't look back, you will only see yesterday, just keep looking forward.

    Sad to see part of Popsters and your past vanish with just a signature but the headaches sounded dreadful.

  2. P.S. We honeymooned in Scotland and ALL my in laws joined us in St Andrews to play golf, but only for 2 nights.


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