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People watching while pumping iron!

I am a people-watcher & in order to "lose myself" at the makes the time go by quicker.....that's what I do.  Here are some of the "characters" I get to work out with at 5:30 am

First of all we have Barbie....she earned that name because her hair is absolutely perfect & she wears cutesy  workout gear.  She's about 15 lbs overweight & on the wrong side of 45 so the image doesn't quite make it.  She is always flirting with the young, very, very young kid at the desk who looks like a 17 year old Tom Cruise.  I have one thing to say to her:
"Give it up're old enough to be his Mama!"

Next we have Clem Clod-Hopper......he is always on a treadmill for the entire time I am there.  True to his name he walks like his feet weigh 75 lbs each!!  No matter how loud I tun up my ipod I can't drown him out!

Next up is Tatroid Man............. picture tattoos on steroids!  He apparently has not read the sign about lunkheads & grunts all through his workout.  Not a pretty sight!

Now for Miss Germapobic..........she kills me.  She doesn't spray a paper towel & wipe down the machine when she done, she takes the bottle & sprays the machine!  Don't go sit on a machine after her or you'll think you forgot your Depends!!


  1. Are you sure you're not at the zoo? Sounds like a fun place to people watch.


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