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A "New" Air Freshener Fragrance

Have you heard about the new air freshener called "900 hundred degrees below burnt nylon"? I am giving you fair warning DO NOT BUY it! It comes a close second to "Evening in the Landfill"!!!

Just kidding!

Yesterday I was cleaning my oven using the self-clean cycle & had to have the window open & the fan going so I didn't set off all the smoke detectors.......wouldn't have been bad except it was 20 degs out!

That was a bad enough odor but later, I was cooking spaghetti for Popster & I dropped a nylon spatula onto the stove. Being ever observant (NOT) I wondered what the noise was & went about my business. I have a gas stove so of course there are flames! The extra ones finally alerted me!!!!

I quickly threw in the sink but the smell was sooooo bad! Not to speak of the hardened blob on the cook top that I spent all afternoon scrubbing!

Unfortunately the kitchen makeover is not including a new stove so I have to get it off!


  1. pongy!
    I once steamed some broccoli and forgot to put water in the steamer. Eau de P-eeeww


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