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My first last trip to Walgr**ns

I sat here yesterday trying to find Christmas cards for Popster's kiddies that I could put 2 pictures in...remember the 11 sick kids that weren't in the first picture!  After getting very frustrated I finally went to Sn*pfish & found one that would work.  Of course it was twice as much but price is no object when it comes to his kiddies!  Proceeding to the checkout I discover that I can pick them up at Walgr**ns & as we have those in the "Great Northeast" now!  I was like go for it.

Even better  when I clicked buy at 4:55PM & the web site said they would be done at 5:55PM....of course when you are paying through the nose anything is possible!  I was going to be in the vicinity of Clifton Park this morning for Miss LiLi's Christmas concert so I volunteered to pick them up. (Lesson #1)

I stop in on my way home & of course I have to look around & find some bargains I could absolutely not do without.  I work my way back to the photo center & took one look at the guy working there & said to myself this is not going to go well!  He should have had a big sign on his chest that said "I can screw up anything"
He found my cards & started to check me out.  First thing the cards were automatically charged to my credit card even though it stated otherwise on my receipt from the web site.  I finally conceded that point after 10 mins of trying to fix it.  Now he wanted me to spend a few more dollars so I could get a $5 coupon for next week.  After about my 15th NO he got it!  Next he tried to scan a coupon for the candy canes I bought.  Here's where it all came to a screeching halt!!!!  The register froze up!

We waited & waited & waited for someone to come help but they must have had a hiring freeze as there were only two other people working there!  He had me walk to the front of the store with my purchases but the line was too long so we walked all the way back again!

Then we picked everything up & walked to the cosmetic counter where that girl rang up my purchases but not my cards!  I, naturally wanted to make sure the first transaction was cancelled so back to the photo department!  At that point I asked to be put on the payroll!!!!!  Finally the manager comes over & voids the first transaction, rang the cards again which automatically got charged to the card again!  I didn't care anymore I wanted  out of there!

As I walked away I hear "Excuse me Maam but you forgot your $5 coupon"

I just said "I don't need it as I have no intentions of ever coming back here again!"


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