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I died & went to heaven!!!!

I dragged myself to the market today fighting against that part of me that just wants to hibernate!!!  It has turned so cold with wind chills around 10 degs so once I've done my morning ritual of walking 2 miles with Molly I just want to stay in the rest of the day.

I was wandering down the ice cream aisle & always have to look just in case "Dan, Dan the ice cream man" has relented & ordered my kind of ice cream.  It was like pinch me I must be dreaming!

I should back up now & explain how I tend to be obsessive about things ....particularly ice has to have nuts in it....preferably chocolate covered ones!  This is the best ice cream ever, as  it has chocolate covered peanuts picture..... sweet & salty....yum yum!! It doesn't get any better than that!

 I would stock pile it & get very nervous if I got down to the last container.  I even made friends with the guy that ordered the ice cream in my local market...Dan, Dan the ice cream man!  Oh yes I knew him by name.  I even promised to buy 10 gals a week just so he would keep ordering it!

Then tragedy struck & they came out with some new flavors so Dan, Dan quit ordering  my Tin Roof Sundae because there was only so much room in the freezer case.  I went into an ice cream funk because nothing else filled the void!  I even went back to Maple Walnut which I probably ate for 10 years straight.  It just didn't do it!

So here I was doing the happy dance in the middle of the ice cream aisle!  Do you think it was a little much buying 3 containers?  They had two more but I didn't want to appear greedy!


  1. Funny! I hope you enjoy every last bite!

  2. Love it!

    The updated blog looks really, really good. I wish I were smart enough to change my font like you did!

  3. hii..can we friend?i, from malaysia..n this is my

  4. LOVE ice cream. And I think 3 containers was being modest - LOL! When the cold hits you need to stock up! By the way - how funny your hubby is a bus driver! Good to know my gift cards will be appreciated!


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