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Trying to go thru the drive thru without a car....guilty as charged!

One of the things I really wanted to do today was to go pick apples.  Before we knew it the day got away from us.......must have been all that fun I was having raking acorns!

Anyway we had about 45 mins before we needed to be at Mark & Dani's so we stopped at our favorite orchard.  Now picture it is 98 acres of trees & they have a single lane one way road that enters it from which you can pick a place to park depending what apples you want to pick.  However you have to get back on the same road that circles around the whole orchard & eventually leads to the exits which have drive-thru checkouts.

It was unbelievably crowded today & the cars were bumper to bumper barely crawling along & we figured we'd never get out of there.  So I said let me out & I can go pick some apples & catch back up to you before you get to the checkout.

Only in a dream world!!!

I picked one bag full but wanted some Jonagolds but of course, they were in the furthest corner but I hustled over there hoping I would see Popster on his way around so he could take my one bag.  No Luck!  So now I have two bags & I start hurry along the road to the exit passing all the cars that are still crawling along!  I come around the corner where the first checkouts begin & get stopped by the "apple" police.

I hear "Hey Lady, where's your car?"  in a southern drawl.  We live in upstate New York & that really threw me for a loop so I reply "Oops I guess I lost it!"

He proceeded to tell me I couldn't go through the checkout without a car & when I explained my husband was around somewhere with the car suggested I call him.  That would work fine for some people but of course my phone was in the car!  He then dialed Popster's number on his phone & handed to me.  Turned out Popster had already gone through the checkout(& also got the 3rd degree because he didn't have any apples) & the only way back in was all the way around again!

Even though it killed him to break the rules he grudgingly agreed to let me go through a checkout line on foot.  I said "Thank you so much but I don't have any's in the car with my cell phone!"


  1. Whatever you do, don't admit to being english!!!!!

  2. I didn't do that but I did tell him I was your sister!


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