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"Not a creature was stirring.... Oh yes they were!

This "CREATURE" ....whatever it is...... is is loose in my house & I AM FREAKING OUT!

I had been telling Popster that I can hear something running around at night & of course he ignores me. Well two nights ago he fell asleep down in the "man cave" & what do you know he heard something so now it is REAL! When we got up this morning we found things knocked off the fireplace & then tonight there was a crash from the bathroom. This creature was hiding behind the curtains. Right now he is inside the bottom of the washing machine. I'm freaking out as that is our only working bathroom & I just drank 3 bottles of green tea.

Now what???????


  1. Get a dog? No not poodle a proper gaurd dog not one that locks it self in the bathroom and doesn't even bark.

  2. Ah cute, so you have a new pet? lol
    Maybe you need to get a cat lol

  3. what is it????????????


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