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Yard work & behavior modification

We finally had some beautiful weather today so we were able to get a lot of work done in the yard. I was able to get a lot of flowers planted but didn't get back to my big project of the new flower still looks like this!

I finally found the two trees I was looking for - a Kousa or Chinese dogwood & a standard hydrangea............I can't wait to get this finished!

It's not easy getting anything done as Miss Molly "demands" her share of attention! She seems to be responding well to being disciplined but definitely still has her "sassy backtalk" moments.
Mark Dani & Li Li came over Sat which was an experience.......Li Li wasn't about to get down from anyone's lap but seems to like her. Dani has a great talent with animals so she was able to calm her down. We came back here after dinner & they played with Miss Molly while Li Li & I took a walk down the street. She loves to throw stones in the storm drain so by the time we got to the corner, she couldn't fit one more "rock" in her hand! She just kept stopping saying "one more Nana"! I will post some pictures later of the flowers.


  1. Ever since your walk, LiLi has mentioned the name "Eileen" about a 100 times a day. She has incorporated the name in her nightly bed time stories.

  2. I will have to tell Eileen - she will be thrilled


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