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Memories of how we met

 Friday morning was beautiful after storm Doris blew out
 We decided we would go to Cambridge & visit the universities
The plan was to go by way of Huntingdon so we could get fish & chips for lunch
 This is the way I would ride my moped (aka Tina) to work everyday.  I had to take these pics as it fascinated Popster how they force drivers to reduce their speed in the small villages
 These barriers are in the middle of the lanes in each direction so you have to go around them
 Nigel did a fine job of parallel parking, using only his mirrors, in this impossible spot....Popster was very impressed!

 Nigel & I have traditional fish & chip while Popster & Susan have sausage & was sooooo good!
 These pics are all taken as we drove by so they are not the best!  This is where we met so many years ago sitting at a table in that front window.  Back then it was called the Nickel Coin & I worked as a telephone operator in a building behind here.  During our coffee break & lunch we would race down that alley & meet up with the GI's from the base(RAF Alconbury).  Popster & I actually met the first day he was in England but he thought I was a "snotty english girl" & I thought he was a "nerd"!  Needless to say we met again a couple months later & changed our minds!
 That's the telephone exchange in the background.
 We spent a lot of lunch hours here challenging the locals to dart matches
Just around this corner is a park bench where Popster gave me my ring & made it official
 And now on to Cambridge


  1. what a lovely the park bench still there?


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