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Little Miss Brain

I got to play with my new lens & take pics of my fav model

I had her writing 20 facts she would want someone to know about her

She wrote 24(because she an over-achiever!)

She always taps her chin when she's thinking
Cute shoes!

On the way to dinner she always wants Popster to give her math problems.  He had her add 42+43+1 & she came up with the right answer.  When we asked her how she figured it out she said "It's easy.  I just write "invisibility" on my leg" & demonstrated writing the numbers out!
Next problem was 66+33 which she answered almost immediately.  I said "I didn't see you writing on your leg so how did you figure that one out?  She said "Easy!  There's this black space in my head that gives me the answers"

The black space in my head is exactly that.....a black space or maybe mine is a blank space!!



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My car is pigeon-toed!!!!!!

I get out of work on Thurs at 1:00 & usually play golf with my buddy Dominic.  Yesterday was kinda rainy, blustery so we decided not to play.  I headed up to the mall but got side-tracked on the way.  One of the things on my extremely long to-do list was "get two more tires for my car".  I pulled into Mavis Tire & checked to see how long it would take.


I was told around 20 mins before my car would get in so I decided to wait.


About an hour later my overly friendly mechanic wants to show me did I know it wasn't going to be pretty!  My rear "struts".....whatever they may be.... were leaking causing the rear end to lift up when I braked causing my car to "pigeon toe" which in turn was making my  new tires .....that were put on the front wheels in wear unevenly.  As if that wasn't enough for my brain to digest one of the front wheels had a bad wheel bearing.

Needless to say at that poin…


Happy birthday to my big brother Terry...........have a wonderful day!

Round Lake Village

Every time we go to Round Lake we wander down streets we've never seen before
A little people house
This garden was gorgeous
Look if you buy this house you definitely need to get along with your neighbors!
This house is even smaller & comes with a golf cart
This house really fascinated me
That stonework is incredible
They need to make it a little more welcoming

They are still working on my house

I would love to see the inside.......I hope they plan on selling it & then I can go to an open house
"Mama I have flyaway ears again today!"

Love Val