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Dear Emily Post...How do I......

.....explain this to a parent?

I help run a summer junior golf league on Mon, Tues & Weds afternoons. There are 86 kids in the program ranging in age from 8 to 16.....I love doing it. It is a passion of mine to get kids interested in & enjoying golf.

 So far this summer I have dealt with a gushing bloody nose, a kid being hit in the neck with a wayward shot, a kid throwing up, another almost passing out but yesterday really took the cake or the "jewels" on y6u will get my drift! 

One of the boys got hit by a golf ball in that part of his know....between his knees & his belly button........get it??

Now I not only have to interrogate several 12-13 year boys as to what happened but I have to tell his parents!!!!

Even Emily Post would have a hard time with that! 


  1. You are British you are meant to call them the crown jewels, oh but that wouldn''t help cos the Mum wasn't. Hmmm, bet it was awkward at best.


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