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Tornado & American Idol Live

I had bought tickets for the american idol live tour way back in May & we were supposed to go a week ago yesterday.  Needless to say "Irene" had things to say about that so it was postponed until yesterday.  We had decided to leave out house a little before 6:00.  We were under a "severe thunderstorm" watch most of the afternoon & then around 5:30 it became a possible tornado watch.  We do not have tornadoes in this part of the country but before you know it they are telling us it was making tracks right across East Glenville....our little part of the world.  It got as black as night & the thunder & lightening were about as bad as I've ever seen. 

It gradually passed tornado...& we set out for Albany.  Not to get very far.....only halfway down our street & Popster's car died!!  He has been having problems but our mechanic hasn't been able to fix it.  We were able to get the car back home & jumped into I have to drive & of course we are following the storm & had to drive right through it.  We finally got into Albany & the traffic was totally backed up so it took us about 30 minutes to get onto the parking garage.  To add insult to injury they had doubled the parking fee($20.00) & the only spots left were on the roof in the rain.  We missed the first 20 minutes of the show!!

On a good note the show was fantastic & we had great seats!


  1. you should have sang, rain rain go away, the whole drive there.
    Driving in that sort of weather is awful, missing 20 minutes of the show, downright wrong.

  2. I would have sang but I was too busy "bitchin" about how lousy my defrosters are in that kinda weather!!!


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