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Would the real Albert "Stagger" please stand up

If you remember back to day 9 of the kitchen remodel Jim discovered the leak & had to cut the ceiling open again, also that same day was when we found the water that was melting on the roof above our front door was going behind the siding & pushing it out.  It had even broken a piece of siding up near where the phone & cable lines come into the house.  Popster called our insurance company & they said we could file a claim, which we did.  The insurance adjuster called a couple days later & made an appointment to come over today.  He came in & Jim explained what they had done about the leak in the kitchen but because the cabinets are already in he couldn't, of course, see any damage.  Jim said you could see down in the basement crawl space where the water ran to & suggested he go look at that for his proof.

All the man had to do was walk down 7 stairs to the mancave & go into the basement from there.  Simple right?


 His shoes were all wet from the snow so he slipped on the third stair & fell the rest of the way, knocking Jim over in the process.  Popster picked everyone up & dusted them off saying "I know a good insurance company!"

Davey & I were at the top of the stairs & he's gesturing to me to get my camera!  At that I started to laugh
(don't I always at the wrong time) & the two of us had to run into the kitchen as we were about splitting a gut!!! 

Popster was all worried that he hurt himself & I was worried he'd hurt Jim!  Anyway he came back upstairs & then checked the outside & said he would be sending us a check, to cover the damages, in about two weeks as long as we were happy with the amount they were willing to pay.  Popster said "Sure as long as you don't plan on suing us!"

At that point Davey & I had to leave the room!!!


  1. OMG I would have laughed so hard. I know it isnt funny but I can't stop laughing when things like that happen either


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